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Solution Applications
EC Controller Solution
Laptop system
In a notebook system, the EC is connected to the CPU via the eSPI/LPC bus. The EC connects peripherals such as keyboards, batteries, temperature sensors, touchpads, keypads, LEDs, and fans. It realizes the basic functions of a notebook, such as timing control, battery charge/discharge management, key scanning, and LED effect control, and enriches the usage features of the notebook.
BMS Solution
Battery management chip products
Battery management chips can precisely monitor battery health and accurately predict battery life. The performance indicators of our battery management chips exceed that of the industry's mainstream products. These products feature strong computing power, high precision, and excellent reliability, and can effectively prolong the battery lifecycle and raise the battery life of end products. The products can provide accurate, real-time battery voltage, temperature, and current readings, as well as remaining battery capacity and battery health status in diverse battery management systems. The products have been widely used in many fields, such as in consumer-use and industrial-use products.
Type-C PD Full-scenario Solution
Comprehensive fast charging protocol support
CHIPSEA's PD products fully support fast charging protocols. Different peripherals can be connected thanks to the comprehensive data interfaces. A single chip can achieve multiple functions such as charging and discharging, projection, and data communication, thereby not only simplifying product design, but also increasing selling points. These products have been widely applied in notebooks, portable displays, desktop monitors, hubs, docks, mobile power, energy storage power, chargers, cables, and audio adapters.
Steering Wheel Pressure Sensing Solution
32-bit general purpose microcontroller
CHIPSEA's CS32F-series MCUs are 32-bit general-purpose microcontrollers that are based on Arm® Cortex®-M cores and feature high reliability. The series includes multiple products and feature embedded flash memory, integrated high-performance ADCs, rich analog peripherals, and advanced timers and communication interfaces for industrial control. The MCUs comprehensively meet the quality and reliability standards for industrial applications, and are highly suitable for the touchscreen-based infotainment systems used in automobiles.
HarmonyOS Connect Solution
Standardization scheme of intelligent hardware platform
From HiLink to HarmonyOS Connect, CHIPSEA has been providing end-product manufacturers with multidimensional and multilayered overall solutions to access HarmonyOS. Through sensing and control + Wi-Fi, standardized solutions are provided to intelligent hardware platforms, to enable traditional hardware to quickly transform into intelligent hardware. At the same time, thanks to the UX design, H5, apps, and SaaS service development capabilities, the solution satisfies the software needs of partners during hardware intelligentization. The products include smart body fat scales, smart jump ropes, smart toothbrushes, smart pillows, smart cups, smart footbaths, and smart thermometers.
Medical Human Body Composition Analyzer Solution
Medical grade human body composition analyzer solution
CHIPSEA's medical human body composition analyzer solution mainly consists of the plug-and-play body composition analyzer board and the latest algorithm model. It is a professional and high-precision solution that has passed medical certifications and EMC testing. The supporting app and the gym SaaS service system can accelerate the go-live of clients' products and business.
Company Profile
Established in September 2003, Chipsea Technologies (Shenzhen) Corp. is a signal chain integrated circuit design enterprise integrating perception, calculation, control and connection. It focuses on the R&D and design of high-precision ADCs, high-reliability MCUs, measurement algorithms and AIoT one-stop solutions. Its products and solutions are widely applied in industrial measurement and industrial control, communications and computers, lithium battery management, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, smart home, smart meters, smart health and other fields.
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